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Overview      |      Management Team

We’re not your typical IT firm.

The Axiom Truth


Simply put, do what’s best for our client and their business.

We do what we say we are going to do, and we deliver our promises on time and on budget.


We communicate our technology strategies and solutions in terms that business professionals can understand.

We remember that business strategies and business objectives should drive your technology solutions—not the other way around.


We are not just an IT company; we are a partner to our clients and operate as an extension of their businesses, always acting in their best interests. Whereas technology can often be an obstacle to businesses, Axiom provides clear and efficient solutions that address client needs. We are passionately committed to the success of our clients.

“Axiom has provided strategic direction and transparent documentation that allows
our senior leadership to make informed decisions. More than once,
their strategy department has recommended solutions from other vendors in addition to their own.
This unbiased approach to our needs was exactly what we were looking for.”
– Head of IT, Charter Brokerage


Whether we are documenting a helpdesk ticket or providing a detailed roadmap of future technology requirements, Axiom is fully dedicated to maintaining a transparent relationship with our clients. Axiom provides detailed information on all aspects of our support experience to empower our clients to make better-informed decisions.


Optimal network design, proper implementation and efficient support are the cornerstones of building and maintaining reliable systems. Detailed documentation and knowledge management systems are tools that Axiom utilizes to guarantee reliability. Axiom recognizes that without consistency in documentation and service levels, a network and its users cannot work efficiently.


An inside joke at Axiom: If it plugs into the wall, we are responsible for either fixing it or ensuring the proper partner firm is contacted to get it fixed.

Management Team

May 18, 2014
Erik McCauley
Founding Partner & Chief Innovation Officer

Erik is a founding partner at Axiom Technology Group. Raised in Greenwich, CT, Erik has over 15 years of experience in information technology integration, working with some of the most respected hedge fund, private equity, retail, media, marketing, manufacturing and technology firms within the United States. Prior to co-founding Axiom, Erik founded and sold IT Technology, an enterprise-level technology services company based in Fairfield County, CT.

With an educational background in business process management and a deep understanding of technology solutions, Erik utilizes his unique blend of skills to consistently improve the Axiom Products & Service Delivery Model to provide extraordinary client experiences each and every day.

Erik’s Alter Ego:
Erik is an avid motorcyclist, spending much of his free time either touring the back roads of Alaska or honing his skills on the racetrack.

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May 18, 2014
Fred Purdue
Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Fred is a founding partner at Axiom Technology Group and leads our Executive Leadership Team. He is an avid technologist with 17 years of experience in information technology delivery focused primarily in the financial, hi-tech, retail, media and manufacturing sectors.

Fred is currently a trusted partner and advisor to over 100 Private Equity firms throughout the country. Fred’s unique blend of strategic and technical experience allows him to quickly provide insights as to how investors and senior leadership can quickly achieve their business objectives.

Order Up:
Fred’s other passions include world travel and honing his amateur chef skills on his unsuspecting wife and daughter.

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August 11, 2015
Gina Fedeli
Partner & Chief Operating Officer
Gina leads the network design and service delivery team for Axiom Technology Group. Working closely with Erik McCauley and Fred Purdue for over 8 years, Gina brings a unique blend of operational and human resources experience to the firm.

Gina began her career at Reed Exhibition Companies, the world’s leading events organizer, where she re-engineered the centrally important Registration Group. Gina streamlined and documented previously outsourced processes, developed an improved purchasing strategy and created training programs. As a result, Reed Exhibition reduced their event costs, decreased employee turnover and improved access to operational data, which facilitated more informed internal decision-making. Gina understands the time and budget constraints facing entrepreneurs. She is committed to quick and accurate assessments, practical procedures and training that sustains long-term productivity.

Gina lives in Orange, CT and enjoys spending time relaxing in the gazebo with her puppy Noah. Noah is a rescue puppy that had a tough time before coming into Gina’s life. Now that’s behind him and life is full of all sorts of fun activities like running, playing and of course his favorite pastime, sneaking on to the bed late at night when nobody is watching to catch some late night snuggles.  When Gina isn’t playing with Noah, she enjoys gardening, cooking and practicing yoga.
May 18, 2014
Riley Wilson
Chief Financial Officer

Riley is the Chief Financial Officer for Axiom after having spent 25 years in positions of increasing responsibility in the manufacturing arena. This is his first position in a service provider but the cross-over skills he brings with him will help in the continued growth of Axiom.

Riley leaves the technology aspects of the business to others while he hones the long term financial  requirements of Axiom as well as overseeing the day-to-day activities.

Giving Back:
For over eleven years, Riley managed a Food Pantry through his local church. He has also written pamphlets about, and given tours of, a New York State historic site as another way of giving back to the community.

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June 10, 2014
David Lillis
Director of Professional Services

David oversees the Professional Services Practice here at Axiom. He brings 18 years of functional and technical management to the company. Prior to joining the Axiom team, David’s previous experience encompasses 10 years of technology management with some of the largest financial institutions worldwide. While focusing on Project Management, David began developing channel partnerships which have established business opportunities for Axiom.

With an engineering background from NJIT, David has extensive experience in managing application deployment and integration. This includes voice systems, market data infrastructure and development/relocation of tech room build-outs and complex telecommunication integrations.

Vinyl Junkie:
In his free time, David takes his enthusiasm for all things technical into the audio world. That makes him a self-proclaimed audiophile, oftentimes building into new audio set ups and making modifications to suit his needs. He is also an avid home chef.

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February 1, 2018
Daniel Redding
Director of Information Security
Daniel Redding is the Director of Information Security here at Axiom.  Daniel is a former United States Marine with over ten years of experience in the design, integration, operation, and assessment of commercial and federal information systems security.  As a thought leader in information security, Daniel has made multiple appearances in Information Security magazines and co-authored a framework for integrating a “Bring-Your-Own-Device” program into an existing Risk Management Framework.  Daniel has designed Risk Management and Risk Analysis programs for organizations serving user bases of over under 100 to over 400,000 personnel.  Daniel has also built, managed, and assessed over 100 systems for risk, compliance, and best practices across a variety of industry verticals including finance, defense, education, retail, technology, and healthcare.

Daniel has obtained several security and technology certifications, including the industry gold standard CISSP and two highly regarded CISSP concentrations, the ISSEP and ISSMP.
May 18, 2014
Dipak Panchal
Director of Service
Dipak, (Dips as he’s affectionately called) heads up Axiom’s Managed Services Team here at Axiom. His team is chiefly responsible for managing day to day relationships with Axiom support clients while working with various departments to ensure client needs are met at all times.

Dips studied Computer Science at Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK. From there he joined a fast growing Internet startup that served over 47 million users worldwide as a Senior Technical Consultant. Dips quickly grew through the ranks impressing senior management until his decision to relocate to the United States to join Axiom.

The Best Things in Life “Aren’t” Free: Dips will readily admit he has a bit of sweet tooth for the finer things in life. Whether it’s cars, watches or exciting vacation destinations, Dip’s is always ready to work that extra bit to indulge in the finer things in life! Good thing his  lovely wife Reena keeps an eye on things!
June 10, 2014
Jenna Ar-Bab
Project Manager

Jenna brings 5 years of Project Management experience to the Axiom model in areas of infrastructure design and implementation as well as data center modernization and stand-up. Prior to working at Axiom, she attended Bryant University where she studied Computer Information Systems. After graduating, Jenna took on positions where she effectively played a dual-role acting as both an IT Infrastructure Engineer and a Project Manager. Jenna’s projects experience includes new site infrastructure deployments, design & implementation of enterprise virtual server environments, health inspection/remediation for active directory, and exchange and data back-ups.

Her hands-on approach and technical background, along with her advanced communication and organization skills, all contribute to her ability to successfully lead projects to completion on behalf of our clients. Jenna’s dedication to our clients has brought Axiom’s projects and client relationships to a new level of success.

3-Point Shot:
During her free time, Jenna loves to spend time outdoors and enjoys all things sports-related. Basketball is her favorite sport to both play and watch.

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June 10, 2014
Colin D’Angelo
Solutions Architect

Colin D’Angelo is an Information Technology professional with over 10 years of industry experience. He has extensive experience in understanding the technological needs unique to each client and is skilled in developing customized solutions that are delivered “On Time and On Budget.” Colin’s past experience includes assisting the New York City Government’s Human Services Division with streamlining their helpdesk support model and developing efficient practices and procedures. Colin was a Technology Consultant to the Diocese of Bridgeport and Network Administrator at Greenwich Catholic in Greenwich, CT.

Colin later moved on to IT Technology under the direction of Erik McCauley. He was initially brought on as a Field Service engineer but quickly was promoted to Solutions Engineer under the direction of Fred Purdue. Colin now works with Axiom Technology Group as a Senior Solutions Architect and Project Manager. Within Axiom, he manages numerous projects from server infrastructure overhaul to deployment of VPN portals for financial service organizations. He uses his extensive re-architecture experience to create efficient, cost-effective networks for our clients.

One Tuff Mudder:
During his spare time, Colin enjoys the outdoors in all sorts of fun and exciting ways. He loves fishing, hiking and camping, and gets down with some trail running for fun.

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