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Can You Trust the Cloud with Your Data?

December 7, 2016

cloud securityOne of the decisions people need to make nowadays, whether on a personal level or a corporate one, is if they should store important data and/or information in the cloud. Rarely can you find people and companies that rely on technology who do not have cloud storage. In fact, when you buy yourself a computer or even a smartphone, you will be given an option to access free storage in the cloud.

The question that people usually ask before deciding if they should or should not store information they find critical to their existence into this virtual storage system that is not physically near them is, can the cloud be trusted? This is a legitimate question and is brought about by numerous talks of hacks and security breaches on the servers of such companies like Yahoo and Sony. So, yes, you do need to ask if your data is indeed safe in the cloud.

The answer to this question is dependent on a number of things. For starters, the first question you should ask is if your chosen cloud provider is indeed trustworthy. There are a number of businesses out there that do provide you with cloud storage for a minimal fee, and while lower prices are indeed tempting, you still need to discern whether the provider you are going with is reputable or not.

The main reason why many individuals and companies as well, opt to get cloud storage is because you can store huge amounts of data or save back-ups on these servers, for a minimal fee. You also free up space on your computers and primary storage systems when you archive information into this virtual storage system. This allows you extra space for essential information that you regularly use and increases the speed of your primary servers.

Now, the thing with cloud servers is that, with the term “cloud”, you often visualize fluffy white clumps of mist floating around in the air unprotected. While these are way up high and are kind-of difficult to reach, airplanes, balloons, and other things that can fly can reach them. This figurative imagining of the cloud can make people queasy about trusting essential information to it since these can still be breached when viewed this way.

In reality, cloud servers are just a network of servers that are far from your physical location, and can even consist of various servers connected virtually but are in actuality far away from one another. These physical servers are in warehouses and buildings that are secured by the companies that provide people and businesses with cloud storage services. They usually employ more than one kind of security measure. Aside from physical security on site, these companies also employ a barrage of safety measures to ensure that data that is entrusted to them is kept safe from unwanted eyes.

Encryption, spreading the information you encode to many different servers and not just one, employing multiple password systems, and even asking users to change passwords frequently are some of the safety measures that are employed by these companies. While it is never guaranteed that no breach will ever occur, these measures help increase the safety of information stored in the cloud.

In order for you to ensure that you keep your data safe, you also have to do your part. Using difficult to guess passwords, being careful about the sites that browse and download from, utilizing different cloud storage providers, and even something as simple as making sure no one is looking over your shoulder when you access your cloud storage, can help with keeping your data safe.  

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