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Common Cloud Storage Backup Issues and Possible Solutions

October 22, 2015

Cloud Storage BackupWhile cloud storage backup is indeed one of the solutions companies have when it comes to data storage and back-up needs, it is not an infallible one. There are some issues that a lot of providers won’t tell you about upfront, and these hidden problems may bring about headaches when time comes to recover your backed-up data. What are these hidden issues and what are the possible solutions for these?

One issue that you may not think about at the beginning of your stint with a cloud storage service provider is when they suddenly go out of business. Cloud storage providers are, after all, businesses too, and they depend on revenues to keep things running. If they do not have enough clients to ensure that their business continues, the possibility of closing down is indeed there and is a threat to your company’s backed up data.

The solution to this issue is a simple talk with your provider and an assurance that should they contemplate shutting down their business, that they inform you ahead of time and give you options for transferring your company’s backed up data to other sources. Another option would be to ask them to inform you of this closure so you can get your stored information yourself and you can find other alternatives to their storage offerings. Knowing about this event is probably the only thing that can spell the difference between lost data because of closure and recovered data before that happens.

Another problem that may arise from using a cloud storage backup is security. You are essentially passing on responsibility for the protection of your data to other people and if these providers are not that careful about the data that is being stored, you may find the backed up data compromised. One solution to such an issue is to get your provider to ensure that your data is indeed protected from security breaches. You need to make your provider accountable for the security of your data and have high set of security standards for your data.

Another would be for you to encrypt your own data before sending it into the cloud for backup storage. This will ensure that should some security issues arise with your cloud storage backup provider, even when your data is accessed by someone else, they cannot make any sense out of it since only you and your company can decrypt it. This may be a rather labor intensive move but it does make sure that your data is totally safe while it is in the cloud.

For you to also avoid these issues when it comes to cloud storage, it might be a good idea to utilize more than just one cloud storage backup provider. This will help you have more than one backup, should one fail or one get compromised. There are backup strategies that are ideal with this ideal, like the 4-3-2-1 backup strategy (keeping 4 copies of very important documents, stored on three different media types, and backed up on two different cloud backup service provider, with one extra copy stored off-site in a physical server). This will keep important data intact, and your information safe from whatever issues may arise, both in your place of business and in the cloud.

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