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Different Kinds of Content That You Should Consider for Your Website

July 26, 2017

Content IdeasWhen you say content for a website, the most common thought would be articles and blogs that are written for the site. While these are indeed part of what can be considered website content, these are not the only things you can add to your site for your visitors to find. There are actually quite a few different kinds of content that you can add to your site, which your audience will love and appreciate getting from you.

Written content however is the most common one you will find on all websites, with pages that talk about what a company can offer, how they can help, what you might need, and even explanations regarding these things, dominating most of the pages that you find on websites. When it comes to written content for a website, you can go beyond what you want to say and gravitate towards what people need and can actually use.

For your written content, you can choose from many different formats that include formal articles, casual blogs, and even informative how-to pieces. You can write simple articles that talk about the basics of your services or the many options that customers have when it comes to your products. You can also write about unique ideas for your brand, news about product and service launches, and step-by-step guides for proper use of what you are selling or what your company offers.

Other written content options you can add to your site include downloadable content that your visitors will enjoy. Of course, these should be offered for free but with a small catch. Have your customers sign up for monthly newsletters (which you can also add to your roster of content offerings), before they can download free e-books, white papers, and brochures from your site.

You can also have interactive content added to your site, and these include slideshows, tutorials, teaching videos, and infographics that people can scroll down to view. These can help people understand what your company is all about, what you are offering, and even teach them a thing or two that can help them maximize on the use of your product or appreciate what you offer even more.

Tutorials are considered some of the most valuable content types out there since it offers users information that they can use. These tutorials can be about the many different features of your product and how your customers can maximize their use of what you sell. Teaching videos also offer the same insight and can show people how to properly utilize what they are planning on purchasing from you, or have already purchased from you, in a step-by-step guide that they can follow.

Aside from content that can be found on your site, you can also have visitors click through to links for more information that can help them. These can lead to affiliate sites, sister company sites, and just general information sites that your visitors will find useful and relevant to what they need. You can also do the same thing with exterior blogs and sites that have your articles and videos, and have links ready for people to click through to your site if they want to learn more about what you are offering as well as for more information that they might deem useful and relevant to what they are looking for.

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