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Energy Saving Electrical Products: Getting a Real-Time Handle on Your Electricity Consumption

February 4, 2015

efergyWith the New Year came new increased electric bills for the folks here in Connecticut.

But residents of the Nutmeg State aren’t alone when it comes to paying higher rates for electricity. Those in Massachusetts, for example, are poised to see an even worse spike than their neighbors to the south when they open their next electric bills.

While significantly increased rates might be unique to New England for now—what a surprise, right?—the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that residential and commercial customers countrywide should expect to see their electric bills continue to rise in the years to come.

We in industrialized nations have essentially evolved to the point where we need electricity to survive. At home, we depend on it for heating and cooling, for showers, for cooking, for laundry, for entertainment, to be able to see, etc.

At work, we need it be productive.

While reducing your electric costs can be hard, it’s not impossible—particularly when making use of modern technology. With a power monitoring device at your disposal, for example, you’re granted access to a real-time, bird’s-eye view of your electric usage.

Easy to install, these kinds of devices—like the Efergy Elite—tell you which appliances, light bulbs and gadgets are sucking up the most juice around your home or office, in real time. Equipped with that knowledge, you’re able to easily figure out your best approach to a reduced electric bill each month. 

For example, maybe your power monitoring tool will tell you that the espresso machine in your kitchen sucks up a fair amount of juice—even when you’re not using it. If that’s the case, you would know that it’s probably worth unplugging the machine when it’s not in use in order to save a couple bucks each month.

Over the course of the year, it adds up.

Using power monitoring devices is simple: All you have to do is install a remote sensor by your power panel which tells you which devices are using how much energy. Next, you input the kilowatt hour rate your electric company charges you and voila, you’re able to automatically access your power usage in real time. These are essentially what you can call energy saving electrical products.

This information can be accessed from any Web-connected device, so you’re always just a swipe of the thumb away from figuring out how you can lower your costs. What’s more, you can view historical usage data that lets you know which gadgets are responsible for the biggest electric draws on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

There’s no sense in paying any more than you need to for energy. With power monitoring solutions and energy saving electrical products in place, you’re bound to see a noticeable reduction in your electric bills each month.

“Axiom does a phenomenal job making sure we are up to date with technology, keeping us secure, up to date, and my staff happy. We’re both on the same side of the table.”
– Ray Kubick, Northwestern Mutual

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