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Google Analytics Basics: What Analytics Can Do For Your Site PART 1

November 15, 2017

google analytics detailsIf you are thinking of improving your site’s performance, one of the tools you should employ is Google Analytics. This is a tool that helps you determine what is going on with your site and what avenues need improvement. This is done with the help of information that comes from your pages and is tracked by the code that you integrate into each page you create for your site.

What exactly can analytics help you with? Here are some of the things that Google Analytics can do for you:

Tracks Number of Visitors – you will find that with the help of this tool, you will be able to find out how many people come to your site. Not only that, but you will also be able to determine who are new visitors and who are returning ones. This tracking tool can help you find out as well how many people stayed on your site when they got there and how many pages on average were visited by this traffic.

How can this information help you? This lets you know just how many people are coming to your pages and how long they actually stay on your site. If you have a high bounce rate, that means people do not stay too long and just leave your site without doing any affirmative action. It also shows you whether or not your pages are engaging with the average time people spend on your pages. This will allow you to tweak your pages to serve your visitors’ needs better and to make your site more effective in generating revenues for you.

It Lets You Know If Your SEO and PPC Is Effective – you spend a lot of time and money getting your site optimized and launching ads for people to find when they type in a keyword related to your site. Do these things work? Are they effective in getting people to come to your site? How do you find out whether or not your efforts are making a difference or are you just spending money on something that is not really doing your site any good?

Analytics will let you know how your efforts are translating in terms of people clicking through to your site since this will also show you where people clicked through from. People who found you via organic search will mean that your SEO efforts are working. Those who clicked through from paid search show that they got enticed by your pay-per-click ads. These results tell you whether or not you should change strategies for any of these or if you should focus more effort on specific parts of your site for more traffic and revenues.

It Tells You Which Pages People Visit More Often – this lets you know which pages get the most engagement and which ones people stay on the longest. It also helps you see what they find interesting on your site, which they would often share and would indicate an increase in traffic with the numbers that these pages get.

This can help you in tweaking the content on your site to become more like the ones people find interesting. This will also help you edit whatever pages are not getting as much engagement as the others.

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