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Google Analytics Basics: What Analytics Can Do For Your Site PART 2

November 22, 2017

Analytics and Your SiteWe discussed in a previous post what Google Analytics can do for your website, but that was just scratching the surface. Analytics can do a whole lot of good for your site and can actually help you increase not only the number of visitors you have but also the number of targeted traffic you get. This is what you will want if you are to turn a profit with your site.

There are a few things you need to be aware of in order to get things rolling when it comes to earning from your website, and analytics can help you with this. Here are more of the things that Google Analytics can do for your site:

It Lets You Know Who Your Audience Is – Analytics can also let you know where people who visit your site come from. It can also provide you with insights on how old they are and their gender. Aside from these, this tool can also show you what their interests may be. This information can be very useful to you since it can help you tailor your site to fit the needs and wants of your target market.

You can tweak your content to suit what your traffic seems to find interesting, in context with your site’s products and services, that is. You can also tailor landing pages, promos, and videos to appeal to the market that you find will benefit your site more.

You Find Out What Was Used to View Your Site – finding out whether a visitor viewed your pages via a smartphone or with a laptop can actually help you improve your site a lot. Google Analytics actually shows you what device was used to view your site, which can help you with user interface, mobile compatibility, and just how responsive your site is when viewed in many different ways.

This can help you improve your site greatly, which can also help increase revenues. One of the reasons why people tend to leave a site without converting is because the site does not adjust to the gadget being used when it is viewed. This can result in text that is too small to read and will need adjusting, which some people find off-putting and would rather leave the site than do that.

You Find Out If You Are Making Money On Your Site – while you will already know whether or not your site is making money (you do get paid for what people order or book, after all), having analytics on your site will still help you find out which products and offers are getting you the most money. The pages that garner the most revenue can give you an insight on what people want and like the most from your business, which can help you plot other possible alternatives that are similar.

This can also help you tweak lower performing pages to perform better and to find out how much each item or offer is actually earning your business. These insights can help you improve your site, particularly if you have an e-commerce or service site. You can also see which days people buy from you and which days are slower.

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