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Google Voice: What is It and How Do You Use It?

August 19, 2015

Google Voice CallingGoogle Voice is something a lot of people are unfamiliar with, but it has actually been around for a few years now (since 2009, to be exact). What exactly is it and how can you use it? Should you consider using it?

For starters, it is a service that you have to sign up for using your Google or G-mail account. After you have signed up, you will be asked to choose your Google Voice account type and then your Google Voice phone number. Depending on what kind of account you chose (there are options for standard and Lite, among others), you can then make cheap calls from the US to anywhere in the world via your computer, via your smart phone, or any other mobile phone for that matter.

Google Voice gives you your own US phone number, which you can use to call anyone from any device you might want to use with it. This means you have a phone number that is tied to your name but not tied to a single device or provider. This is because your Google Voice phone number exists together with your Google account, and can be used with any device that can receive or make calls. The phone number you are given, which will be your permanent Google Voice phone number, can be routed to any device you use (your mobile phone, your sister’s mobile phone, your neighbor’s home phone, etc.), which is a pretty handy feature when you are changing mobile phone numbers or when you are going to be away from home.

A lot of people use this service to have a catch-all phone number that people can use to reach them wherever they may be. They also use this service to make international phone calls at lower rates, and to call people from any device but with their Google Voice number showing in the caller ID instead of the device or other phone’s number. Some people also use this to make conference calls with since this service has the capability of doing so.

Another thing people love about this service is, not only can you make calls via any device with a single number tied to your name, but you can also send SMS with it. While you can already send an SMS using your Google or G-Mail account, the number that pops up on the recipient side is random, as compared with a Google Voice account that shows them who exactly the message is from. You can even choose to have the messages you receive via this number routed to your email, where you can read and respond to them from there.

This service also allows you to do a number of things you cannot do with a regular phone, and that includes the screening and filtering of calls that come into this number. You can choose to route incoming calls to voicemail via the press of a button, and even block unwanted callers with the use of your call history on the site. This will allow you to permanently block people from calling your Google Voice number, and the caller will be told that your number is no longer available or has been disconnected.

There are many possibilities with the Google Voice service and you can take advantage of the many features these have by simply signing up with an existing Google account. While its initial draw was the free voice calls and messages you can send via your computer to numbers in the US, the cheap international calls and the unified number is what makes people keep themselves on the service these days.

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