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Hosted vs In-house Email Archiving Solutions – Weighing the Pros and Cons

March 9, 2016

email archivingEmail archiving is something a lot of companies these days need to consider. This is due to the rise in the usage of emails as the regular platform for communication and the need to constantly free up inbox space to speed up loading times. The question some businesses ask is not whether or not to archive, but what time of email archiving system is best for them.

There are two main options that can be tapped for this need, and these are the hosted and in-house email archiving solutions. As with everything else in this world, both have their good sides and their bad sides. Comparing the pros and cons of these two choices will help you figure out which one is best for your company’s needs.

System Comparisons and Things to Consider

When you look into the choices you have for email archiving, you will find that some options require you to make hardware purchases while some don’t. Others require you to purchase software (even if the archiving is done by a hosted service) and still a few more require that you do both. We won’t tackle the many different options for in-house and hosted services however, but rather these two options by themselves in this post.

To start with, you will need to understand what each one entails. Does a solution require you to buy additional equipment or software? How much does it cost? Will it take too long to get up and running? Is it the right kind of solution for your business?

Apart from these considerations, you also need to compare the advantages and disadvantages of both. When it comes to setting things up, hosted email archiving services don’t need to have hardware installed and maintained, while in-house archiving requires these things to be done. On the other hand, in-house archiving allows you to have total control over the system and the platform you use for archiving.

In-house systems however take longer to set up because of hardware and software requirements. You also need to have people who have the right skills and expertise to take care of the maintenance and running of your system, which incidentally will also cost money. Hosted systems are seen as the best option by many due to these particular costly requirements of in-house systems, even when having control over what is archived and its security is on the table.

Apart from costing less, hosted email archiving is chosen by many because of the many options that are available with such services. Hosted archiving provides users with the kind of service that does not require them to worry about maintenance, security and even space. With a hosted archiving solution, you get these taken care of by the provider and all you need to do is to choose the kind of package that you think your business needs.

This is why it is important that when you opt for a hosted solution that you choose the right one. Your email archives need to be stored in a secure environment in order for these to be compliant with archiving regulations. A good service provider will have all of the safeguards in place for your archiving needs and will have options for scalability when you need to expand your storage space.

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