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How Anti Malware and Anti-Virus Can Protect You

December 10, 2015

Anti Virus Anti MalwareHaving anti malware and anti-virus to protect your computer and your system has become a common enough practice these days that people rarely, if ever, ask why they need these and for what. If you do ask, you will usually be told that these are installed to protect your computer, your system, and whatever may be in these from malware and from viruses. The question now is, do you know what malware and viruses are, and what these can do to your computer or your system?

To understand what these protective programs can do for you, let us first define what malware and viruses are, and what these can do to a computer or your system. For starters, viruses are basically one of the many types of malware that can infect your computer. Yes, a virus is a type of malware, which means that malware is a term used for everything that can infect your computer, and these include spyware, adware, Trojans, worms, and of course, viruses.

It may seem rather confusing and you may even wonder why you need both an anti-virus and anti-malware when a virus is supposed to be part of the catch-all term malware. Well, as it turns out, antivirus is merely a term used to name a type of program that can help get rid of or protect a computer from more than just viruses, like worms and Trojans. This term was used since viruses became more rampant in the past and security companies needed a term that people can easily gravitate towards when they needed to get rid of these viruses.

As for protecting and getting rid of malware and viruses from your system, these two do the job in different ways. Anti-malware protect you from the more modern nuisances that can be found lurking on the internet, like those security threats that steal your personal information, credit card accounts, and passwords. These hacks infiltrate your computer and wait for you to use banking or online shopping sites then they try to get the information you type into the payment systems of these sites via tracking your keystrokes. Anti-virus on the other hand protect you from malicious code that either damages your system, erases vital information from your computer, or a combination of both.

Apart from protecting you from these threats, these two also have the capability of informing you of the possibility of harm coming from some sites that you access even before you open the site itself. These can also let you know when something you are installing on your computer or downloading from a website may actually be harmful to your system. Depending on what kind of anti-malware and anti-virus you use, you will find that various malicious hacks such as infectious malware, concealment malware, and web threats, can be easily tracked and prevented from entering your computer.

Of course, in order for you to ensure that you are indeed safe from all of these, you need to ask your chosen provider for information about what you are protected from. Not all anti-virus and anti-malware companies provide the same kind of protection, and apart from that, they will also have different levels of protection to offer you, which are all dependent on the price you pay for this.      

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