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How Does WordPress Compare with Other Content Management Systems

August 9, 2017

WordPress Versus Other CMSWhen you are in the market for a platform that can help you create your own website from scratch without having to totally depend on other people for your site’s needs, one of the top choices is WordPress. WP for short, this content management system is viewed by many as their go-to platform when they want to put together a professional looking and secure website, without having to rely on a web designer or programmer to do it for them. The question some people ask when they are told to try WP for their site creation needs is, is it really the best there is for my website?

Granted, asking this question is pretty much legitimate since your site is basically part of your business, and if it fails to deliver what people want from it, it is like you and your company failing to deliver to your customers what they expect from you. This is where the question of whether or not WP is the best for you or not. There are a couple of other content management systems that people recommend site owners to use, and these are Joomla and Drupal. How do these two compare to WP and are these better for your site creation and management requirements?

Similarities – On the surface, you will find that all three are similar in some ways. For starters, these are all what you call “open source”. Open source generally means that these are free for you to use. These are all also coded using PHP, use themes and plug-ins for customization, and are said to be generally easy to use. In order to choose the right CMS, you need to look underneath all these similarities and find which one is indeed ideal for you.

Easy-to-Use – Since a lot of website owners are not programmers and site designers, it is therefore important that ease-of-use be at the top of the list of considerations when searching for a CMS. Installation is easy for all three, but after downloading and installing, you will find that of the control panels you encounter from all three, the one from WordPress is the most straightforward and the easiest to use. Second in line is Joomla, with Drupal being the most complicated of the three.

Templates and Themes – When you talk about add-ins, plug-ins, and themes, you will find that all three also have their own offerings for you to choose from. With WordPress, you have options upon options upon options for templates, plugins, and add-ons at your fingertips. There are also sites that offer these at reasonable prices, and these come with support from the developers. Joomla and Drupal also have a selection of templates and plug-ins for you to choose from, but while WP has these at your fingertips, these two require you to search for what you need outside of the admin of your CMS. Also, there is very little in terms of choices when it comes to these templates and themes.

Other comparisons that were made among the three include security, support, and level of skill needed in order to use these. All three seemed equal when it came to security and support, but when it came to skills needed in order to use the platform effectively, you will find that most beginners choose WP, while those who have some background in coding chose either of the other two.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an easy-to-use CMS, with lots of support and ample security, loads of templates and plugins to choose from, then WP is the one for you. You might also want to consider what kind of site you will be using your chosen CMS for since each option here has specific websites that they are great with.


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