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How NOT to Create Content for Your Site

July 19, 2017

Wrong ContentIt has been established that having fresh content for your site is a must, if you want visitors to view you as a worthwhile site to visit regularly. While it is important that you have new content on your pages regularly, posting new content just for the sake of having new content on your site is something that you should avoid. Not only will this affect the quality of the content on your site, but it will also affect how your prospective clients will view you and your company.

How will you determine then what content is right for your website and which content you should have on your pages? Here are some thoughts for you to ponder on such a subject:

Focusing on what you want to say rather on what people need – some companies focus a lot of their energies on creating content that will get their message across without even thinking whether or not these ideas are what their audience needs to read and see. While some of these do go across fine for some, for many, this comes across as being self-centered and not being customer-centric.

In order for you to create content that your audience can connect with and actually want to see, it is advisable that you learn about what they want. A social media presence will help you get some insight on what your customers want from you, with the help of constant interaction, surveys, data-mining, and even email marketing. You can also come up with ideas for customer-centric content by creating personas for each demographic that your company is targeting and thinking about what each one will want to hear about from you.

Writing and creating content that is not backed up by research – if your content gets debunked by someone who does more research than you, and even presents links to show that what you are talking about is unsubstantiated and untrue, you will end up hurting your site more than when you had no fresh content to put out. In short, if you write or create content without having viable information to back it up, your reputation and credibility as a good source of content goes down the drain.

Make sure that everything you write is properly researched and not just plucked out of thin air. While creativity does get brownie points when creating a work of fiction, this does not do the same for a site that presents what it says as truth and fact. Always ensure that what you say and show on your site is thoroughly researched, apart from being well-made, that is.

Not choosing the right format for the content that you are creating – there are many different kinds of content that you can create for your site, and these include blogs, articles, infographics, videos, and white papers. Not tackling a topic with the use of the right medium will generally negate whatever goals you have of getting the message across clearly and having your visitors as well as your company benefit from the newly created content.

When you have a great idea for content that you know your audience will love and your company will benefit from, take a step back to think about which format will best suit the delivery of such content. This will help you easily get your ideas across, will help your target market absorb and appreciate the message better, and will help both ends more.

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