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How Site Speed Affects Your Website’s Bottom Line

January 4, 2017

site speedDon’t you ever wonder why some people click on a link to get to your site and then, just a few seconds or minutes later, leave your site without doing much of anything on it? This is even more troubling when you know your site is well structured and optimized. Why do site visitors leave without doing anything on your pages despite the fact that you are offering quality products or services?

One of the main reasons why traffic seems to bounce off of your site is site loading speed. No matter how engaging your content may be, how great your site’s images are, and how budget friendly your prices are, if a site visitor cannot see these in a set amount of time, they leave your site and go elsewhere. How long does it take for someone to decide not to wait for your page to load? The current threshold is three to five seconds!

This is why your site is not earning as much as it should, regardless of how excellent and in-demand your products and services are. It has been seen that the longer it takes for a site’s page to load, the higher the chances of page abandonment. If people really need what you are offering but your site does not load as quickly as they want it, chances are, by the time your page hits the 10-second loading mark, almost half of your visitors have gone elsewhere.

When you compare the reasons why people tend to go elsewhere for what they need, almost 75% of people who visit these sites say that slow loading pages are to be blamed for their taking business elsewhere. Sometimes, these pages are so slow that people even mistake these for frozen or crashed pages. This is why you should take notice of how fast your pages load and to ensure that visitors get to see these site pages in as short as 3 seconds.

How to Ensure That Your Site’s Pages Load Quickly

Now that you know what the problem is, your next step is to find a solution. How can you ensure that your website works quickly and gives visitors the pages they need in a snap? There are a few things you need to consider, and these include the following:

Size image counts – No, we are not talking about the dimensions of your images but rather the file size of the images you are using for your pages. Sure, the higher resolution and clearer pictures often have large file sizes, but you can still get clear pictures on your site by reducing the file size of these.

Don’t use too many plugins – If you rely too much on scripts and plugins to make your website look amazing, you are actually doing your site more harm than good. In the end, people come to your site because of what they need from you, not because of the fireworks that they can see on your pages. Reduce plugins whenever these are not necessary for your site.

Minimize redirects – too many redirects can increase load time, so this is also something you should address. This is usually the case with responsive websites. A few tweaks in the redirect will help you solve this problem.

There are a few more things you can look into, like reducing server response time, enabling browser caching, making sure that your scripts are updated, and even using a content delivery network, can help with such an issue.

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