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How to Choose the Best Customer Support Portal for Your Business

April 5, 2017

How to Choose the Best Customer Support PortalWhen it comes to customer support, different companies use different methods to help their clients get the help they need. The methods that are chosen by businesses vary according to their industry, as well as according to the kind of help they know they can afford to provide. The choice is also dependent on how difficult troubleshooting can be as well as what kinds of products and/or services a company offers.

Some businesses choose to assist their customers with the use of a page that they can fill in with their complaints, which will then be emailed to the troubleshooting or customer service department of the business. Other companies opt for a chat app that pops up on their website, encouraging the visitor to chat with a representative if they need help. Still a few businesses use a “frequently asked questions” page in order to help customers.

How can you determine which CS portal or method to choose? Why should you choose one method over another? Should you use more than one customer service help portal for your business?

Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing a customer support method to use with your site or company:

Cost – when it comes to customer support methods, some cost more than others and that is because of a number of factors. The cost of availability, the infrastructure, and the personnel needed for this can actually add up to a lot, which is why cost is one of the important things you need to think about when choosing a customer service method for your business.

A contact center set-up can be very costly since it would involve having people manning phone lines that may not receive any calls or can receive tons of calls on any given day, not to mention the equipment needed for such a set up. You can go the cheaper route for contact center options by outsourcing, but it will still cost you more than a contact page, FAQ page, or email link that people can use to get help from.

Your Industry – the kind of customer support you offer is also dependent on the industry you are in. For example, if you sell products that can pose some harm to people or property if not used the right way or if it malfunctions, then you might need to have a contact center that people can call immediately should such problems occur. Time sensitive products and services should also consider having a customer support option that people can get answers from immediately, and these can include chat support, call support, and the like.

Your Market – you will also need to think about your market when it comes to choosing a CS option for them to use. If you have a rather fickle market or have clients that expect instant help when needed, you will need to choose the best possible customer support portal to make available for their use. If your market requires detailed instructions or explanations for troubleshooting, you will also need to have a CS option that gives them what they need when they need it. If your market is international, then you will need to have customer support available all times of the day to accommodate the many different time zones that you serve.

No matter what kind of customer support option you choose however, always keep in mind that these are there to help your customers for many different reasons. These can be to help keep them safe, help prevent damage to your products, to assist with further purchases they may have, to mention just a few.

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