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How to Find the Best Keywords and Key Phrases for Your Website

July 5, 2017

keyword searchOne of the key components of a well-constructed site is content, and before content can be made, a site needs to have the keywords that such content will need to focus on. In short, before you can create anything for your site – be it blog posts, informative articles, infographics, videos, images, and white papers – the site needs to have the right keywords.

Some people think that choosing keywords is easy. How difficult can it be? All you need to do is to use the words that you want people to associate with your site, right? While you can indeed use the words that you want people to use in order to find you, there are some things you need to do in order to get the best keywords for your niche.

The best way for you to choose keywords for your site’s content is to use a keyword research tool. This particular tool will help you to find not only the right keywords for your niche but also give you suggestions regarding what people use when searching for the things that you offer. These keyword tools use the first keyword you input and the niche you are in to find you other words that will work well with your site.

Aside from giving you keyword suggestions, these tools also tell you how many people are using these keywords on Google to find what they need. These also show you how many other sites are using the exact same keyword in their content, and paid advertising. This will help you decide on whether you should focus on keywords that everybody else is using, or if you should use the ones that not that many sites are focusing on.

Other Things to Consider When Searching for Keywords to Use

Aside from using a keyword tool to help you find the keywords that you can use on your site for your content, you should also do outside research. While you do not want to compete head-on with what your competitors are using on their site, if there are a lot of people searching for that particular topic, you might also do well using these keywords too. Keep an eye out for what is popular among your target audience and you may just be able to capture part of that market for your website.

If you are targeting a specific market or locale, it might also help for you to use keywords that incorporate the location you are targeting. Location based keywords incorporate the area that people are in into the phrases that you use, and this will help your content appear to those who use the location they are in when they search for something online. For example, if someone wants to find a plumber in Miami, using the keyword “Miami plumber” or “plumber in Miami” in your content may help them find you.

It might also help you earn a lot from your site if you focus on keywords that represent the items that are most lucrative for your company. Using keywords that represent products that are the most saleable on your site will bring in people who are searching for these. You can also choose to use the words that represent the more expensive products and services on your site, which can also help your bottomline.

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