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How You Can Benefit from Using an External Staff Planning Entity

February 24, 2016

External Staff PlanningIn any organization, there is always that option of having a team within the company that does your hiring for you and using an external entity to do this for you. The question of choosing which to use for your business often falls on which one is most beneficial for your business. In order to find out whether you will do better with one rather than the other, you need to weigh out the pros and cons of each.

There are number of factors to consider when deciding on an internal versus an external recruiting body for your business. For starters you need to consider the quality of the people that internal HRs versus those from the outside can get for you. You also need to consider the speed in which the people you need are being acquired, whether they are a good fit for your company’s culture, and how much these people will eventually cost your business.

Quality – When it comes to the quality of the candidates being found for your business, an external hiring company may do better when compared with an internal hiring arm. Due to the rather strict metrics set for external companies hiring people, you will find that they do find candidates that are better than those that are hired by your own HR teams. External hiring companies try their best to get the best candidates for those who tap their expertise in this area because a lot of their earnings come not from getting people into the company, but from having the people they hire stay on to become assets to such a company. This is why they try their best to weed out those who they feel are not a good fit for your business.

Speed – While a lot of companies ask external HR companies to find them suitable candidates as soon as possible, those that they shortlist are often the ones that they feel are a great fit for these businesses. These companies do not earn a lot with sending mediocre candidates to these businesses, since they do get their fees when someone does get hired. They do however have huge pools of candidates and they can easily find the best candidates for a particular post faster than internal HR arms because they already have a ready pool to choose from.

Culture – This is where an external staff planning entity loses when it comes to comparisons with an internal body. This is because an internal HR team already knows what the company’s culture is like, and as such, can easily tell whether a person is going to fit in or not when it comes to this concern.

Cost – When it comes to the cost of having an internal hiring team as compared with using an external company for this, you need to consider how often you hire people and how many you hire annually. If you don’t hire that often, you might want to consider using an external entity for this purpose. If you are a business that constantly needs new people for various positions each year, having an internal recruitment team may serve you better.

If you are looking for great people in a short amount of time and with a reasonable cost, you should consider getting an external recruiting and staffing company to help you. They not only get the job done, but with their focus being that of finding the right person for various posts, they can easily find you the perfect individual for the positions that need filling faster and more effectively.

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