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Is a Social Media Manager Necessary for Your Site?

March 14, 2018

Social Media ManagerCreating an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is very easy. Posting on these are very easy as well. What is not easy is when you create these social media accounts for a business and being able to manage these properly while running your business effectively at the same time.

There are many good reasons why hiring a social media manager for your social media accounts is a must. Some people believe that this is just an added expense, and in a way, it is. But, you have to see the bigger picture here. Hiring a professional to take care of your social media for you will actually work more to your benefit and here is why:

You can focus on your business without having to worry about needing to take care of customers on your social media pages – When you have a social media presence, you will need to take care of customers there as well. Think of it as another branch, if you will, of your business. When customers on your social media accounts don’t get the attention that they require and don’t get the help that they need in a timely manner, you will not only end up with lost customers but you also end up with a bad reputation.

Having a social media manager on hand to handle all of the queries, requests, comments, and interactions with these individuals will help you run your business better. This without having to worry about damaged reputations and customers turning irate because you don’t have the time to handle their needs on your social media accounts.

You get someone who can update your pages regularly without missing a day – Customers and loyal followers of your brand often look forward to information, updates, and even snippets from you on your social media pages. If you miss a day or two, they might lose interest in your company and what you have to offer. Having a social media manager handling your pages and posting regularly will keep your followers updated and will keep you foremost in their minds for when they will need what you are selling or offering.

You get more time to handle other things in your life – Let’s face it. Handling these social media pages will eat up your time, particularly if you have a very active following. Having someone deal with the many things you need to have done on your social media pages will free up a lot of time for you, not just for running your business, but also for other stuff like taking care of family, hanging out with friends, and generally living a full life.

These are just a few of the reasons why having a social media manager handling your social media pages is a good idea. These individuals are trained to handle anything and everything that comes at them via these portals, and they do it with aplomb and professionalism because, well, that is what they are trained to do. They can help you keep your cool when people bash your product or services online, while at the same time handling such distasteful posts with panache. They can also help with reputation management by handling complaints posted on your pages and steering them onto private conversations where a compromise can be reached.

“Axiom does a phenomenal job making sure we are up to date with technology, keeping us secure, up to date, and my staff happy. We’re both on the same side of the table.”
– Ray Kubick, Northwestern Mutual

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