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Is Backing Up Your Data on the Cloud Safe?

June 24, 2015

Cloud BackupIn today’s data-driven world, few online services are as important as cloud storage. Thanks to this system, businesses and private individuals alike are able to store digital data in remote multiple servers that make up what is often referred to as the cloud. This physical ecosystem, also often spread across different locations, is operated and managed by the cloud or hosting solutions providers.

One of the foremost benefits organizations can get from storing their data in the cloud is reduced overall storage costs. By not purchasing and paying for the upkeep of costly storage hardware, businesses that have migrated into the cloud can enjoy substantial savings.

Cloud storage offers other important advantages. First, it helps organizations protect their valuable files by keeping their backups in secure locations that are physically removed from their main place of business. This means that whatever happens, even if the business location suffers accidents like fires or natural disasters, the files can be recovered quickly.

Secondly, cloud storage also allows businesses to become more efficient. This system streamlines collaboration among colleagues because multiple individuals can be given access to important files, no matter where in the world they might be. Cloud storage also makes sharing files across various personnel much easier. For individual employees, cloud storage presents the advantage of making documents readily accessible online and easier to sync.

Keeping Data in the Cloud: Risks and Precautions

However, many people are concerned about the safety of backing up important data in the cloud. They believe that by storing one’s data in a remote location, important files and records could become at risk of being compromised. For example, someone from the service provider team with criminal intent could attempt to access the files, or other people who are part of the storage network could gain access to these files due to bugs or equipment malfunction.

While these things are possible, it is also true that cloud storage solutions providers employ a broad range of security measures to keep all sensitive or confidential information safe. Reputable service providers use various data encryption technologies and procedures, which can include giving encryption keys only to the users so that the service provider employees can never have access to the files. Encryption during data transmission can also prevent unauthorized users from accessing the files.

Before choosing your cloud storage service provider, always do your research. A company should have solid industry reputation in addition to having high security standards. If you can get references who can attest to the quality of their services, talk to those people first.

Also make sure that you understand how your information is stored online. Your data should always be encrypted when you are downloading or uploading files online (which can be verified through the presence of a padlock icon or the “https” protocol on the browser). Moreover, check the company’s terms of service to find out whether or not your data is encrypted while they are storing it and if other people are able to access you files in any way.

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