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Is Tesla Truly the Wave of the Future?

December 6, 2017

Tesla MotorsTesla has long been in the news ever since its inception in 2003, with the idea and aim of electric cars being used to help remove the world from its dependency on fossil fuels, at least on the automobile front. This controversial company’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk, has been heard to state that he one day hopes to provide affordable versions of this vehicle to the public. So far, the company has sold 200,000 units of its Model S, which is its first and premier model for these electric cars.

The Model S is a luxury liftback full-sized vehicle that was first introduced to the buying public in 2012, and has been adjudged the top-selling electric car in 2015 and 2016. It has also won numerous awards in the past years, and these include Green Car of the Year in 2013, Best 25 Inventions of the Year from Time Magazine in 2012, and Motor Trend’s Car of the Year for 2013. It was even named Car of the Century in 2015 by Car and Driver.

With all the accolades and praise, you won’t be surprised at how popular this car is among vehicle aficionados. There are some who are even stating that this vehicle is the wave of the future. With this proclamation coming from a few fans, you do tend to wonder, is it really?

Plan to Conquer the Market and the Roads

The ultimate goal of this vehicle and its creation is not to claim that it will be what people will be driving in the future, but it is a dream that its founder has. It is in line with his dream of a world that is not dependent on fossil fuels for their basic needs, one of which is energy, which he has started to tackle with his solar panels and Powerwall units. The aim is to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and usage of fossil fuels immensely, which is evidently aimed at helping the planet be less polluted as it is now.

This plan is set in stages, with the first few vehicles paving the way for lower costing ones by being higher priced and more luxurious than succeeding models. The first model, which is the Model S, is a full-sized luxury sedan. The second model, which is the Model X, is a full-size crossover SUV, which has sold around 72,000 units since the first one rolled off the production line in 2016.

The latest model, which is the Model 3, was supposed to be called Model E but had to be renamed since Ford has the trademark for the Model E name. This 3rd version of the vehicle was first seen by the public in March of 2016, with around 500,000 reservations for the vehicle being recorded as of mid-2017. So far, deliveries for this vehicle have been slow, with only 1,875 of the vehicles having been delivered in the first quarter of 2018. The company however has promised to ramp-up production and expects to hit the 5,000 vehicles per month target by mid-2018.

Is it or Is it Not?

When it comes to predicting whether or not this vehicle will take the future by storm, some people say it will while others say it won’t. There are other electric cars being produced to compete with it, with larger companies like GM and other similar large players aiming to beat this innovator to the punch. While it has been predicted that they won’t be the leader in electric vehicles in the future, Musk’s dream of living in a world where fossil fuel dependency when it comes to vehicles is still close to becoming a reality. As long as people continue to embrace these planet saving innovations, that is.

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