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Learning About Tesla: Different Models Available Now

December 13, 2017

Tesla Model SThe future is now, and you can see this with the emergence of vehicles that are not dependent on fossil fuels. Electric cars are seen as the hope of the future, what with the fast dwindling fuel reserves of the planet raising fuel prices and making people look elsewhere for alternatives to vehicles that run on gasoline and diesel fuel. These days, one of the front-runners when it comes to electric vehicles is Tesla.

Tesla one of the most popular brands manufacturing EVs, not just because of the vehicles themselves but because of its founder and CEO, Elon Musk. They are also one of the first to release commercially viable electric vehicles, with plans to produce more consumer friendly models in the future to increase the number of EVs on the road. For now however, they are focusing on raising enough funds to finance such an idea, with the latest models selling for rather exorbitant sums.

What are the latest models from Tesla that seem to be selling like hotcakes even when these are pretty high priced for many? Here are the ones that have rolled off their production lines since 2012.

Model S – this is the first electric vehicle to be produced and delivered to buyers by Tesla, and is a luxury vehicle that has sold 200,000 units worldwide to date, with 118,000 of these being sold in the US alone. The model S is a full-sized liftback that is assembled in Fremont California and Tilburg Netherlands, with the former supplying the demand in the Americas and the latter supplying orders in Europe.

This model was the top-selling electric plug-in vehicle in 2015 and 2016, but saw itself unseated from this perch by Nissan’s Leaf. The Model S however still ranks second worldwide when it came to the top-selling EVs in 2017, and is still one of the more in-demand EVs around. This is one of the more expensive models of the company’s three existing models, costing around $70,000.

Model X – this is the second model to come out of the factories of Tesla and is a crossover-SUV that features options for 5 to7-seat designs. This full-sized luxury vehicle also comes with the many futuristic features that people love about these cars, such as the falcon-wing passenger doors and touchscreen control panel for the driver. Much like its predecessor, this vehicle has also won a few awards, like the Golden Steering Wheel Award for the Large SUV category in 2016 and the Top Green Vehicle for 2017, also in the SUV category, awarded by the American Automobile Association.

From the time the first unit of this model was delivered up to today, around 72,000 units of this electric SUV has been sold. The price of this vehicle is slightly higher than that of its predecessor, given that it is a larger and faster version of this brand. It goes for a retail price of $80,700 per SUV.

Model 3 – Originally named Model E, this is the most affordable of all the EV offerings of Tesla so far. Musk was planning on having the three letters of his first three vehicle models spell the word S-E-X, but this had to be changed to S3X when Ford sued them for using the name since they have the patent for the Model E. This is why the name of this third model was changed to Model 3 instead of Model E.

This vehicle is a mid-sized sedan that sells for approximately $36,000 and is considered one of the more affordable options to come from the company. While there are hundreds of thousands of reservations for this vehicle as of mid-2017 (around 500,000 money-down orders have already been made), the company has delivered around 1,875 units so far, with promises to deliver more in the coming months and years as they ramp-up production considerably.

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