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Should You Buy a Tesla Vehicle Now?

December 20, 2017

Tesla Model 3With the availability of the Model S and Model X, and the recent launch of the Model 3, it is not far off for people to contemplate getting one of these three talked-about electric vehicles. These Tesla cars are very popular and some of the most sought-after vehicles around. These are not cheap either, although the Model 3 is the least-pricey of all three and is said to be the brand’s consumer-friendly offering.

The question that begs to be answered with the launch of the latest version of this controversial electric car is, should you purchase one of them today or wait before buying one? There are many good reasons to actually buy one of these EVs right now however there are also a number of reasons why you shouldn’t either. Here are some of the reasons why and why not:

Tax incentives – If you buy the Model 3 right now, you stand a chance of getting $7,500 in federal rebates for buying a “green” car. With the current cost of this vehicle set at $35,000 for each one, this rebate or discount reduces the price to $27,500. That is huge considering that most EVs cost more than that.

There is a catch though. EV manufacturers are given a “200,000 units sold” ceiling for this incentivized scheme, with the buyers of these first batch of EVs getting the full rebate, and the succeeding buyers getting half of this discount with their purchase. You have to remember, the subsequent models of Tesla’s EV has already sold upwards of 70,000 units, so that leaves around 130,000 units with discounts of $7,500 each.

Those who were able to reserve their slots for purchasing the Model 3 earlier can still enjoy the huge discount, but after the ceiling is reached, the subsequent buyers will only get half this rebate from their purchase. When the ceiling for that incentive scheme is reached, buyers will only get $1,875 in discounts on their purchase.

The current 500,000 advance orders for Model 3 may very well put you in the lowest bracket for discounts at this point if you order now, so why bother getting one now? It now seems more practical to wait for cheaper versions to come out before shifting to electric from fossil fuel vehicles.

Saving the planet – this is probably the noblest reason for buying an electric vehicle. This is also one of the reasons why Tesla’s founder and CEO started creating these cars in the first place. With the rather slow shift in the way people view saving the planet and doing what they can to save it from total destruction, doing your part by using a vehicle with a low carbon footprint can seem rather futile. You might think, that your effort may not count for much, but in reality, every single effort counts. The more people gravitate towards the rising trend of earth conservationism, the better it is for the planet. If not now, when?

No more gassing up and maintenance costs – it has been said that with these Tesla cars, you save up on gas costs of up to $600 a year and maintenance costs of up to $400 per year (although you do have the option to have your vehicle checked annually by Tesla for $600 per check-up).  When compared with having a comparable gas-guzzling luxury vehicle, the savings that you rack up with a Tesla is actually rather impressive.

You won’t have to worry about oil changes and other similar annual maintenance issues that a regular vehicle has and you won’t have to stop at a gas station to fuel up ever again (although charging stations may become a regular thing for those who are thinking of traveling long distances with their EV).  

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