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Spam Filtering and Why Your Company Needs It

February 3, 2016

Spam FilteringIf you have an email, you are more than likely to have received messages that are trying to sell you something or are advertising something that you never thought of buying ever. These emails are sent to your address by companies that hope you will buy what they are selling, even when you don’t really need this. How do these companies get your email address and what can you do to stop these from eating up a lot of space on your inbox?

Getting spam emails is not rare, and this is because of the fact that there are many ways for spammers to harvest emails online. There are some that go so far as to buy email addresses from companies that sell hacked lists, and some even have scraping tools that do this for them. No matter what the method these companies use, they use the emails they harvest to send out spam messages that many people do not really want or need.

Spam and Your Business

When you have a business, getting rid of spam is all the more important due to the fact that these can eat up a lot of your inbox space, as well as a lot of your time when you start clearing these out. These emails can also carry malware and viruses that can compromise company security and data. What can you do to stop these from inundating your work email, and by extension, to stop these from compromising your company’s security? You can use spam filters.

Spam filtering is an important tool that your company should use to help keep these unwanted messages from entering your inboxes, and to keep people from clicking on potentially harmful emails. According to studies, more than half of the emails that you get are actually classified as junk or spam. This fact alone shows you that there is a large potential for security issues due to these messages, not to mention the drop in productivity because of the time people will spend on deleting such emails from their inbox.

Different Kinds of Spam Filtering

When you decide to enable spam filtering, you should be aware that there are many different types that can be used. There are some that target the content of emails to determine if these are relevant to your business or not, and there are some that filter emails by checking the headers of the messages that come in. There are also some that you can set to restrict the acceptance of emails from specific addresses, as well as some that allow you to set parameters for what kinds of emails need to be blocked. There are even some that allow you to stop any email that comes from addresses that are on a list of blacklisted spammers that most companies have.

What you use to help keep spam out of your company’s emails is dependent on what you actually want it to do. If you want higher security for your business, you should consider getting a permissions based spam filter or challenge response filters. If you simply want to restrict the influx of newsletters, sales emails, and ads that people receive via email, you can opt for something simpler like content based filters or header filters. 

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