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Staff Planning and Why a Detailed Staffing Plan is Important

April 13, 2016

Staffing PlanHiring people for your company is not as easy or as cut and dried as some people may think. You can’t just say that you need someone to fill a post out of the blue without a systematic process which helps your organization have the right number of people with the right skills and in the right positions. This is called staff planning, and in order for this to be effective in finding you the best people for the job, you need to have what is called a staffing plan.

For a staffing plan to be effective at finding you the right people for the posts that you have, it has to follow steps that will help ensure this. The first step is to develop a description for the job or post that needs to be filled. If there are multiple posts, these need to each have their own list of responsibilities and definitions. Your manager can help you with this.

The next step will be to list down the qualifications that a suitable candidate should have. This will help you find out if there are people within your company who can be moved to this position, and if your pool of applicants already has individuals who can try out for such posts. This should include skills, abilities and knowledge required for the post, their educational attainment and training portfolio, previous work experience, and personal qualities that you are looking for in someone who will occupy such a position.

With the list that you have come up with, you can start trying to find the people you need for these positions. Internal hiring can be done by announcing the opening to everyone in the company, as well as assessing your current workforce for those who have skill sets, knowledge, and qualities compatible with the jobs you are putting forth. You can open up external hiring when you have exhausted your internal options.

Aside from these, when it comes to staff planning, you need to have forecasts for possible employee turnover, and when this usually occurs. This can help you prepare for possible recruitment and staffing times in the future. You will also need to keep track of business trends to see what positions need to be changed, added, or enhanced as well as what adjustments may be required in the future by your workforce in terms of shifts, downsizing, and the like.

Staff planning is deemed important, particularly by companies that may see a rapid change in how many people they will need, both when expanding and downsizing. If you are running a company that goes with the times, and may require a number of changes to keep it profitable, having details like what to do when the company merges with another, or what measures to take to keep the company from stagnating, this detailed plan may help. You will find that you won’t be grasping at straws when things happen, when changes occur, and when needs for the right people escalate unexpectedly.



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