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The Different Options Available for Renewable Energy

May 9, 2018

Renewable energy is fast becoming an important source of energy for many countries, and this is because of the continuing increase in the prices of fossil fuels plus the dwindling supply of this particular fuel type that the world depends so much upon. The aim of a lot of countries, and individuals as well, when it comes to harnessing the power of nature to produce electricity that can be safely used is to give people an alternative that can be sustained at a lower cost. Sustainability is not an issue when it comes to these energy sources since these are not expendable.

Renewable Energy

What are these different options that nations and individuals can choose to utilize for their energy needs? Here are some of the more popular options:

Solar – this is probably one of the most used alternative sources of power by many and this is because it is powered by something that is constantly present in many countries, which is the sun. Sunlight is absorbed by photovoltaic cells and is this is converted to energy, which is sometimes used directly or stored in batteries for later use. Solar energy can also be used to heat water, which can also be used to power hot water powered energy generators.

Wind – this is the next most popular source of renewable energy and is used by towns and cities that have strong winds. Wind turbines are what are used to harness the power of the wind and these are the new-generation windmills that you see with large propellers much like those you see on helicopters. Wind turbines are often placed in open spaces where wind is usually strong, such as desserts and open fields, or up in mountain areas where wind is constantly blowing. A bunch of these wind turbines are called wind farms and these have been powering a few areas in Europe, China, and even the US.

Geothermal – places that have an abundance of hot water and are located near volcanoes can tap the heat of these sources to generate energy that is clean and cannot harm the environment. A few cities and towns in many countries around the world that have easy access to hot springs and safe volcanic heat are currently using these to generate electricity for the residents nearby. The highest producer of geothermal energy is the US, followed closely by the Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, and Italy.

Hydro – water is also a powerful energy generator that can be harnessed in order to generate clean and renewable energy. Rivers, waterfalls, and other similar bodies of water that move are usually the ones that are utilized for this since it is the movement, or rather the harnessing of that movement, that helps create the energy needed to create electricity. Dams are what are often used for harnessing the power of moving water and as long as there is moving water, then energy can be created with it.

There are a few other different kinds of renewable and sustainable energy sources that countries can definitely tap for their electricity needs. Some of these options are even considered a great help to the world since it gets rid of waste (garbage for energy), creates products that can be used as livestock feed (biofuel), and essentially removes dependency on fossil fuels, coal, and natural gas as sources of energy.

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