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The Effects of Online Shopping on the US

April 25, 2018

Online Shopping in the USWhile it is indeed a boon for shoppers to no longer need to get out of the house to buy what they need every single time, the effects of online shopping in the US is not all positive. Sure, you get to buy stuff at any time of the day and you get it delivered to your doorstep without you having to worry about needing to drive to a store or mall to do the exact same thing. But, this phenomenon has both adverse and positive effects on the country, and this article aims to tackle that.

The Effect on Consumers

The online shopping phenomenon is actually seen by many as a blessing since it gives them the freedom and the capability to get what they want without the hassle of going out. Some people however find it difficult to trust online sellers since they cannot see who they are dealing with, but this is just a minority. It has been seen that around 80% of the shopping population in the US buy from online stores, and this is why more and more companies are creating online outlets.

Consumers have become rather dependent on online sellers. Some have even started to do their grocery shopping online, utilizing apps and online stores that offer free delivery for a minimum purchase or ask for a minimal fee from buyers to get their groceries to them in a few hours or even minutes. People who use such conveniences see the savings they get not only in the gas money saved but also in the time that they get to allocate to other things more worthwhile.

What this brings about however is an attitude of laziness, less physical activity, and lack of social interaction. Malls, supermarkets, and other similar physical outlets give people the chance to interact with others doing the exact same thing. It also gets people out of the house and gets them moving, even if it only means walking around stores and the grocery to find what is needed.

The Effect on Retailers and the Country

The rise in online shopping has changed the retail landscape for good. It has also changed the country in such a way that may be considered both good and bad. People who now depend on online shopping entities for what they require don’t find the need to go to malls and other retail outlets. This has spelled the demise of many malls all across the country. This has also affected real estate prices due to the fall of prices on such commercial properties because of this phenomenon.

On the other hand, it also gives people who were quick enough to get on the online selling bandwagon a lucrative income without the need to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars for a physical store, inventory, employees, and overhead costs. This has given rise to entrepreneurs that operate from their living rooms, bedrooms, and small home offices.

This has also opened up new jobs for many, like online customer service, delivery services, online inventory trackers, and the like. All in all this is not a totally bad thing, but it needs a bit of balancing out in order to keep the scales of retail on even keel and to keep companies operating as well as keep people depending on these companies employed.

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