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The Lucrative Business of Earning Something from Nothing

January 3, 2018

Making Money OnlineWhat do Facebook, Alibaba, AirBnB, Uber, and Bitcoin have in common? These are enterprises that are worth billions of dollars but actually do not have assets that they can call their own. These companies have become examples of businesses that made huge money basically out of letting others do the work for them and providing services as well as products that they don’t actually produce themselves.

Facebook is one of the most accessed portals online but they don’t publish their own content. Alibaba sells billions of dollars’ worth of products worldwide but have no real inventory. Uber runs one of the most successful transport systems around but don’t really own any vehicles. AirBnB is one of the most successful accommodations providers worldwide but don’t actually own the rooms and homes they rent out.

The latest addition to this list is Bitcoin, with the current surge in prices for this virtual currency making instant millionaires and billionaires out of those who kept their faith in cryptocurrency. Now more and more people are jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon by investing in up-and-coming currencies that are being predicted as the next Bitcoin.

These are just examples of great ideas that leverage the work and products of others to make money, and it takes a certain amount of genius to be able to pull this off. What people may not realize however is that while these seem like flashes-in-the-pan, there are actually many opportunities for people to earn something out of “nothing”. This means being able to earn without having a real product to earn from, just like these wildly successful examples.

How do you come up with an idea that can make you rich but without the need to invest a huge amount of money at the onset? You should take your cue from these giants and sell what other people offer to others. In short, become the middle-man for producers and buyers.

Not everyone has the skill nor the patience to find what they need quickly and effectively, but if you have these skills, you can very well make money out of it. You can start by selling products that you know people are looking for by creating portals that are easy for them to find. Remember, the key to succeeding in this kind of endeavor is to make things easy for others with minimal effort and capital on your part.

You can offer to pair people with a specific service that they are looking for in their area with the help of links or contact info that you offer for a fee (or the company you are helping to get customers for can pay you a referral fee for getting them more customers with your service). You can also sell products that others produce but cannot find a market for simply because they don’t know how to sell what they make, or are unsure how to go about getting their products to market.

There are lots of opportunities for you to make money without producing your own products, offering your own services, or writing your own content. The examples that these giants show you are proof-positive that it is indeed possible to make money without having to create stuff yourself. All you need is to find your spot in this lucrative industry of earning something from nothing and watch the profits roll in.  

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