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The Need to Shift to Renewable Energy

May 2, 2018

Solar Energy
People may not want to acknowledge it but the planet is deteriorating due to our consumption of fossil fuels. Those who do acknowledge that such a thing is happening have started to create paths in which everyone can try to do something to save our planet from further destruction. These include companies who create alternatives to fossil fuel consuming products, such as electric cars and hydrogen fueled vehicles, which do not run on gasoline but rather on electricity and hydrogen respectively.

There are also advocates and, just recently, governments worldwide that now push for the more prevalent use of renewable energy sources. This is in light of the many studies that show just how imperative it is for the world to shift to an energy source that won’t run out and won’t impact the environment in a negative way. It is also being seen as a possible way for countries to lower the cost of living for their residents since renewable energy sources are essentially free.

While the cost for creating the facilities that can harness the power of nature can be somewhat costly, it is a cost that can be considered negligible due to the fact that it can serve humanity for a long period of time. The rays of the sun are not expendable and neither is the power of the wind. Fossil fuels however are expendable and may soon run out.

Using such sources in nature for clean and sustainable energy does require the creation of solar panels, windmills, and the like. Once these are constructed however, these will only require occasional but regular maintenance to enable them to provide the energy needed by the people in that community. This means that not only do people get energy that comes from sources that don’t pollute the environment, but they also get energy that is cheaper than those that come from using fossil fuels since the energy source is free.

Why the Growing Global Shift to Renewable Energy

Countries like Sweden, Scotland, and China have been eyeing this massive shift to renewable energy for a few years now because of the fact that the world’s fossil fuel resources are indeed dwindling away. This not only means that the world will be without a source of energy when this does run out eventually, but it also means that as the supply diminishes, prices will go up. When that happens, consumers and the citizens of such countries will bear the brunt of such a price increase.

It has also been noted that further damage to the ozone by using fossil fuels will definitely impact the entire world in a massive and negative way. While efforts to help diminish the carbon footprint that humans are placing on the planet may seem futile at this point, any small effort to try and waylay such catastrophic effects is welcome. This is why they see the use of windfarms, solar energy farms, and other similar energy generating resources that use non-expendable fuel sources as a way to help the world in the long run.

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