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The Right Way to Build an Online Presence

February 28, 2018

Creating an Online PresenceThese days, not having an online presence can easily mean the difference between the success of your company and its failure. Being online will give your customers access to you and will also give you easy access to insights that can help your business prosper. Of course, when it comes to anything, there is a wrong way and a right way of doing things.

To ensure that your online efforts and presence does what you want it to do, you need to build it the right way. Doing things haphazardly and to simply be online like everyone else can actually defeat your purpose and not bring in the results that you want. Here are some steps you can follow to build your online presence the right way.

Assess your goals – why are you creating an online presence for your company? Is it to boost your brand? Are you planning on selling online? Do you simply want to get leads for your efforts? Whatever your purpose is will dictate what you need to do and what steps you will need to focus on to get what you are aiming for. It will also help you determine what kind of site you need to build.

Build your site – once you have pointed out your goals and what you want your online portal be for, you can now start choosing platforms for building it. If you are thinking of selling, then an e-commerce site is what you need. If you are thinking of getting information out to your target market, an informative site or one that has a blog may be your best bet. Knowing the main purpose of your site will help you put it together faster than just putting up a site without you really knowing why you are putting it up at all.

Focus on good SEO and content – any site worth its salt will provide visitors not only with the products and services that they need, but also with the kind of information that they can use. A site is only good when people find it and without SEO, finding your site may prove to be a very hard task to accomplish. Having great content that is both useful and shareable, together with good SEO that helps your site be discoverable by the people who need it, will help you well on your way to creating a portal that people will come back to and even recommend to others.

Create a social media profile – this is another step that you should not forget to do. Create a profile for your company on the top 4 social media sites that people use, and these include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can actually create more than just 4 profiles, just as long as you are sure you can manage all of these on a regular basis. These are to be used to not only help promote your site to a wider audience but also to help you engage and interact with your target market.

Keep track of what you do – when you keep track of what happens on your site, you gain insight on how your target market and site visitors view you. You can also tell where people stayed on your site and where they lost interest. This kind of information will help you tweak not only your site but also your actions on social media, to help you create the kind of image and presence that your target market resonates with and can help you bring in revenues for your business.

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