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Top 4 Reasons Why Using the Cloud is Beneficial to Your Business

December 14, 2016

cloud computingWhen you search online using the term “cloud computing” and add the word “benefits” to it, you will find articles, blogs, and news about the cloud and why you should, or should not, use it for your personal as well as business storage needs. The recent spate of data breaches that you may have read or heard of may scare you away from this virtual storage system, but take heart. In all of the years that the cloud (and other server systems for that matter) has been in use, the number of breaches is actually few and far between.

This means that the cloud is a generally safe system for whatever your needs may be. In fact, it is seen as a safer storage system as compared with portable hard drives and even laptops that can get lost or stolen. With the cloud, your information and data are stored in a separate entity, so even when computers and laptops disappear from your hands, the data that you save to the cloud does not necessarily disappear with it.

Apart from safety, there are a few other reasons why companies everywhere actually use the cloud, and here are the four top reasons why:

Great for collaboration – cloud computing is a great tool for collaboration and the reason for this is that anyone who is given access to it can easily access it from anywhere. You can access data and your work from many different devices, which means that you can allow members of your team from across the globe to easily work on projects and ideas without the data needing to be shipped to them physically.

Work from anywhere in the world – and speaking of across the globe, the use of the cloud gives you access to your files and everything else stored within the cloud wherever you are in the world. Not only does this allow members of your team from elsewhere to access what is needed, but you can do so as well even when you are not physically in the office. This makes for a great cost cutting tool, with telecommuting becoming a possibility with the help of the cloud.

Easily recover from disasters – you never know when disasters will strike, and when it does, anything and everything that is within the sphere of damage of the catastrophe will definitely suffer harm. Physical servers may not be usable to your business when this happens, which is why having a back-up in the cloud is a good idea. This will help ensure business continuity since your important data is still intact elsewhere and can be accessed from anywhere, making it easier for you to pick up the pieces and to get things up and running sooner.

Cost effectiveness – of course, one of the first considerations companies have when looking into a new system is whether or not it can save them money, and using the cloud can do that. You won’t need to purchase physical servers for your needs since these are already there and ready for your use. You also don’t have to employ engineers and IT personnel to help maintain these servers since these people are already employed by the cloud service provider. Cost effectiveness is probably one of the biggest reasons why businesses choose to use the cloud, and why people continue to gravitate towards the cloud for their many data storage and computing needs.

“Axiom does a phenomenal job making sure we are up to date with technology, keeping us secure, up to date, and my staff happy. We’re both on the same side of the table.”
– Ray Kubick, Northwestern Mutual

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