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Top 8 Data Recovery Tools You Can Use for Your Business

July 30, 2015

Data RecoveryIn a world that has become enormously reliant on computer technologies, data protection has become one of the most important priorities of businesses.

Data loss can occur because of a number of factors. Human error is one of these, as well as malware attacks by people with criminal intent. Accidents like software problems or those that result in drives becoming physically damaged (e.g. dropping or a powerful blow) can also result in the corruption of important computer files. Finally, data loss can also happen when an enterprises’ place of business suffers from a calamity. Examples of such disasters can include fires, floods, and storms.

Thankfully, there are effective tools that can help you recover your files. If your company has experienced computer data recovery technicians, they can use these tools to try to retrieve the lost files. Their success, of course, can depend on the extent of the damage suffered by the drives. Typically, the easiest problems to deal with are those caused by accidental deletion of files or due to malware or virus attack.

Here are some of the most popular data recovery software in the market:

Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is a free software that allows users to quickly search and recover files that have been lost due to accidental deletion, virus infection, hardware failures, and software failures.

Ontrack Data Recovery

This suite of software and services, developed by Australia-based Kroll Ontrack, is world-renowned and has been trusted by customers since 2005. Kroll Ontrack is also one of the leading providers of complementary data recovery services.

R-Tools Technology

R-Tools Technology’s flagship data recovery and undelete programs are a great alternative to potentially pricey in-lab data recovery services performed by data forensics experts. Their tools allow for the recovery of accidentally deleted files, as well as files lost due to hard drive formatting, damaged or deleted disk partitions, and erasures caused by virus attacks.


Australia-based GetData Software Development Company offers applications for data recovery and computer forensics. Their flagship product, Recover My Files, can recover lost files from electronic devices and those compromised because of hard disk crash, accidental formatting, partitioning errors, and deletion through the Recycle Bin

Mini Tool

If you want a free software that does more than recover deleted files, then check out Mini Tool’s specialist partition recovery program, which will allow you to recover partitions that have been entirely lost. The free edition is available for private and non-commercial use, although a product made for businesses is also available.

Stellar Data Recovery

Founded in 1993 in India, Stellar Data Recovery now has more than 2 million customers in 172 countries and territories around the world. Their products are available for download online.


WiseCleaner offers free data recovery software that also gives the added benefit of fast file scanning due to its advanced algorithms. The software can also analyze the files and tell you if they are recoverable or not.

Runtime Software

Runtime Software offers a multitude of data recovery products, including those for FAT and NTFS file systems, Linux and Windows operating systems, RAID, and many more

Alternatively, your business can also get help from professional data recovery companies or those dealing with data forensics, who can attempt to recover your files for you for a fee.

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