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Tracking Traffic: Is It Worth It?

November 29, 2017

Tracking TrafficIf you want to improve your site, one of the best advice that an SEO specialist will give you (aside from optimizing your site, that is), is to track the traffic coming to your site. This is done with a tool called Google Analytics, which uses a code that is embedded into each page of your site to keep track of each and every visitor you get. Not only does it take note of whoever comes to your pages, but it also shows you a few other things as well.

It also shows you how long each visitor stays on each page they visit and where on your site they lose interest and leave. This tracking code also helps you determine where these visitors are from, what device they used to check out your site, and from which URL they came from before they came to your pages. You will also get information on their age and gender, what their interests are, and whether or not they completed an affirmative action on your site.

This code that you get from your analytics account on Google requires however that you embed it on each and every single page you have on your site. If you have hundreds of pages already and are just starting to track visitor movement on your site, this can mean a whole lot of work. This is where the question of whether or not it is worth tracking traffic comes in.

Should you use analytics to keep track of who comes and goes on your site? Is it worth all the hours of work adding this code on your pages, not to mention the gathering of the resulting data and the interpreting of such information? Should you continue with such a plan, or should you just continue as is?

The answer to this question is yes, you should invest the time and effort (and sometimes money) to have analytics on your site. Tracking your traffic will benefit you in more ways than one, with the most important benefit being the increase in revenues that it can give your business. Having a tracking code on each page will let you know which pages resonate really well with the people who click through to your site.

Knowing which pages people like can help you a lot since you will be able to ascertain which pages are popular on your site and which ones aren’t. This can help you tweak pages that are not too successful in order to get more traffic to flow to them. This can also help you cull pages that get very little to no activity, which can easily tell you that these do not interest people at all.

You can also determine with the reports that are generated with the help of these tracking codes the kind of market you are attracting. You can either work on the rest of your pages to appeal to the dominant demographic that your site attracts or you can revamp the pages to appeal to the kind of market that you are aiming for. Either way, you get to fix your site to do better to cater to the people you wish to call your customers. You also earn more from the site by tracking traffic coming to it.

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