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Virtual Disaster Recovery and Why Your Company Should Consider It

August 26, 2015

Cloud Computing and Virtual Disaster RecoveryA disaster recovery plan is something that many companies should have since you can never tell what may happen and when. Having a DR plan prepared helps ensure that your company and your data survives whatever disasters may come. What some people are apprehensive about when it comes to virtual disaster recovery and depending on the Cloud for this is the cost. What they may not be aware of is that the cost of having a virtual DR is actually lighter on the budget than other disaster recovery options.

What may not be apparent to those who are caught between having a Cloud DR plan and not having one is that using this resource can actually save you money. In fact, it is a perfect backup and solution for those who do not have the financial bandwidth and the space for a physical backup system for their company. The emergence of virtual disaster recovery services is actually good news for smaller companies since they won’t have to worry about IT infrastructure, and the cost that comes with it, for their disaster recovery needs. This also means that disaster recovery is no longer exclusive to the bigger companies who have the budget for a physical system.

Whether you choose to use a shared or a dedicated server for your cloud back-up requirements, you will find that using such a service is very beneficial for your company. Not only will you be able to restore data lost during disasters and other unforeseen events, but you can actually do so faster than you would have if you were using its physical counterpart. In short, you will be able to recover data faster with a cloud service, with companies seeing restoration being done in hours and minutes instead of days and weeks.

Why is virtual disaster recovery essential to you and your company? The answer is perfectly simple, and that is to help your business survive, and at a lower cost than you previously expected. You won’t have to worry about not having the funds to create your own physical backup since an affordable alternative is available in the form of cloud-based disaster recovery services. You also reap a number of other benefits when you choose to go virtual with your DR, apart from the lower cost, and these include:

  • Begin your DR plan immediately – since you won’t have to deal with putting up a physical server, hiring the people to run it, and doing the other things associated with putting up a physical disaster recovery system, you will find that you can get started with your DR plan immediately after you secure your service.
  • You can use the same system for all your remote offices – if you have people working remotely or are a company that has people working in different countries of the world, backing up your data and having these ready for any eventuality is easy with a cloud-based DR. Virtual disaster recovery makes it easy to keep data from different parts of the world intact and ready for recovery since they are all up in the Cloud.
  • It is scalable without too much hassle – expanding a physical server to meet your company’s demands can cost a lot and can take a long time to establish. With a cloud-based service, you can scale your plan up or down, depending on your need and without too much hassle or time being eaten by such a move.

While not that many people still understand fully the benefits that can be had with a virtual disaster recovery plan, those who do see what it can do for them have been reaping the benefits of such a service. You not only lower costs when it comes to having a backup for your data, but you also have one that can be used quickly, can be expanded easily as your company grows, and does not require a lot to maintain.

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