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What Can Social Media Do For Your Site and Your Company?

August 12, 2015

Social Media PresenceIf you have not been using social media, either personally or for business, then you are missing out on a lot of things. While the most popular site that people are on is Facebook, it is not the only social media channel that you can use. There are many other sites that you can go on for your social media marketing needs.

Before we tackle what other portals you should incorporate into your list of networks to be on, let us first find out what going on these platforms can do for you and your business. There are quite a few good reasons for engaging in such an activity, and probably the most common one most companies cite is the increase in website traffic.

Since millions of people are currently gravitating towards such portals as Facebook and Twitter, it is but normal for you to want a piece of that particular traffic pie. Going on these same social media sites and creating a presence there may not necessarily mean that these millions will go to your site, but a small fraction may click through and do your business some good.

An increase in traffic is just one of the many reasons for going on social media. Here is a couple more:

  • You get to interact with your market directly and immediately – one of the things that customers love about companies that have a social media presence is that, they can ask questions and post concerns that they have via an easy-to-access tool. You can then answer queries and give advice regarding customer needs via this same outlet. You can also find out what improvements can be made to specific products via their suggestions.

Of course, this can be a double edged sword since what they say can be something negative about your business or your products, and other prospective customers may see these. You can take care of possible negativity on your social media accounts by restricting posting and having them message you with their concerns instead, or you can answer these negative points with solutions and assurances of improving.

  • Your audience can find out about company updates, new products, new website content, and special offers as soon as you post – with social media, you can get your message out there immediately. You won’t have to wait for your market to visit your site to find out what is new with your business since you will be informing them of this via your social media accounts. Since most of these accounts do notify followers of new input, they will find out about this immediately, which can prompt your market to check out what you have for them.

And the good thing about social media is, it is actually a free avenue for advertising and promotions. You simply need to have a good social media manager and a sound social media strategy to maximize on such a portal, and you can easily capture your target audience and give them insights on what your company can do for them. As for the different social media sites that you should have a presence on, the first four would be the top sites that people frequent – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Others you can also include in this list are Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and Google+.



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