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When You Should Consider Revamping Your Site’s Look

January 25, 2017

Responsive Web DesignThere are many reasons why you should consider revamping your site’s look, and the biggest reason is to give your site visitors something fresh and new to see. A new look for your site will revitalize it and create an impact on your visitors. Of course, when you decide to redesign your website, you should have a pretty good reason for doing so. Just redoing it for the sake of redoing is not really advisable.

There are many reasons for a site revamp and here are some of them:

Outdated look – if your site has been around for years and still has the same, amateurish look it had when it was first launched, then it might be a good idea for you to find a new look for it. While familiarity is a good thing when it comes to loyal visitors, a site that does not keep up with the times and looks outdated may turn potential new customers off.

Outdated looking websites are often difficult to navigate and do not have the current easy-to-navigate formats that most new sites have. This can turn off new visitors, and even old ones, since sites that provide similar content but can be easily navigated are popping up every day.

Compatibility with mobile – this is another big reason why a site revamp is sometimes necessary. When your site has been around for a long time, chances are, this is not yet a responsive site. A responsive site is one that can be easily viewed using different platforms – from desktop to laptop to tablet to mobile phone.

When your website is not yet in a format that can be easily read from any medium, it will be difficult for your readers to check out your site without needing to zoom in, scroll from side to side, and so on. Revamping your site so that it can be accessed and read easily from any device will help you retain customers and gain new ones due to the accessibility of your content with the new mobile-friendly look.

High bounce rate – now, this is usually because of the two reasons mentioned above. A high bounce rate is often due to the fact that people do not find your pages interesting anymore because of its outdated look, or they find it hard to navigate, or cannot access it properly on mobile. There are other reasons for the high bounce rate, and this is due to slow loading pages, which can also be attributed to poor website design or outdated website interface.

Integrate new ideas – people often lose interest in a site when it does not look interesting or when it seems to dwell in the past and does not catch up with the times. Sites also lose visitors when it has nothing new to offer, and old sites often do not have a medium for the addition of fresh content, like a news page, blog, or other similar avenue for new content. Revamping your site can mean the addition of new and interesting ideas that your old visitors will find refreshing and your new visitors will find intriguing. It can also help you inject new information, content, images, and other interesting ideas easily.

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