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Why Choose WordPress for Your CMS Needs

August 2, 2017

WordPressWhat is a CMS, and why is WordPress considered by many as the go-to CMS for their needs? CMS is short for content management system, and it is one of the most versatile systems out there for creating websites and managing them. Why do a lot of people use WordPress for their websites? There are many reasons why, and we will outline some of those reasons for you.

Easy-to-Use – For starters, WP is very easy to use. You don’t need to have coding knowledge or be a programmer in order to have a stunning and engaging website. Since the system started as a blogger’s portal, it has maintained its easy-to-use and user-friendly ways in order to encourage more people to use them for their website creation and management needs.

Versatility and customization – Another thing you will notice when you try this CMS is it is versatile. This is what you need when you are putting up a website since you will want to be able to tweak your site to suit your many needs. Since WP allows you to choose from a multitude of themes and widgets for your site, you have practically an endless list of options to pick from.

There are a number of free themes you can use for your site, and there are also a lot of premium ones that will make your pages look even more professional. In order to add more functionality to your site, you can use widgets or plug-ins, and these help you add a lot of useful features such as contact forms, social media publishing, commenting, and many more. There are also themes and plug-ins that are site specific, which means you can choose these according to the kind of site that you have. If you have an e-commerce site, there is a theme and set of plugins that are ideal for you on WordPress.

It is Open Source – One of the best reasons why people choose to use WP for their site creation and management needs is it is free. While there are some things you may need to pay for, such as your premium themes and plugins, the use of WordPress is generally free of charge. The use of the platform to create your site is free. What you pay for are the choices you make in order to differentiate your site and pages from others with the use of add-ons, and the like.

Security is Not an Issue – Also worth noting is the fact that despite the platform being free to use, the sites that are created on it are pretty much secure. This CMS ensures that your site and your pages are protected and they use some of the best people around for their security team. If you still feel that you need more protection for your site, WP also has a list of security plugins that you can employ on your site for added security.

Optimization is Also Easy – As if that is not enough, WordPress is also a platform that helps ensure your website is SEO friendly. In short, you can tweak your site in such a way that it ranks real well on search engine results pages. This means that when someone looks for what you have to offer, your site will appear on the search engine that they use. You can even add a few more SEO plugins to your site, just in case you find what is available off-the-bat is not enough for you.

These are just a few reasons why WP is the best CMS for your website creation needs. Not only is it free, secure, highly-customizable, and very versatile, but it is also easy to use and beginner friendly. This will allow you to start building your website the very moment you create an account.

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