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Why Data and Email Archiving is Important and Why It Should Be Compliant

December 30, 2015

Email ArchivingNo matter what your business is, or what industry you belong to, when you use email as a means of communication between yourself and everybody else, you will find that archiving will soon become a necessity. This is because of the fact that you will need to remove old emails from your active accounts to help ease some space, subsequently make your servers work faster, when the load becomes too heavy, so to speak. How do emails overload your server and why is archiving considered a solution?

Over time, the number of emails that you have in your active accounts will become too many, and this puts quite a bit of load on your active server. In order to ease such a load, and to make your active server work more effectively, removing items that are not currently being used but are still of some importance to the company, is seen as a viable solution. These are moved to what is called a WORM (write once, read many) storage device. This kind of a storage device is required to ensure that whatever you store in it can be accessed at any time, but with the WORM designation, no one can alter anything that has already been archived in it.

There is a very good reason why your emails should be archived this way, and that is for legal compliance. Apart from the fact that emails are archived to provide the company with documentation of everything that goes in and out of the company’s email system, it is also done to help keep everything accessible without making servers work slower. As for the legal compliance requirements, the need for an archive system that does not compromise the integrity of the emails it holds is necessary for litigation and other similar reasons.

When it comes to the archiving of emails, you will find yourself coming across the term “regulatory compliance”. This is a term used for requirements set by different countries when it comes to ensuring that intellectual property and other information that can be found within the company’s emails are intact and unaltered. The countries that require compliant archiving systems for emails include Canada, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and the US.

Regulatory compliance is required for keeping accurate and detailed records of any and all transactions that the company enters into. Since most of these go through emails nowadays, the need for such compliance rules to exist was made necessary. This is to protect not only the company and whoever they deal with when there is a need for the clarification of the details of such deals, but to also ensure that everything that is being done is above board.

Another reason why compliant email archiving is needed is for those times when untampered and accurate data is needed for litigation and legal discovery. When there is a need for evidence that may be found in these electronic communications, for these to be considered valid, these need to be untampered with and for this to be considered as such, a secure archiving system that cannot be tampered with is needed. This is why it is advisable that a WORM storage device or system be used for company archived emails.

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