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Why More Businesses are Focusing on Doing Better Online

February 14, 2018

Online Presence Web DesignersIf you search online for some of the top companies of the world, you will find that most, if not all, actually have an online presence. Whether these sites are there to sell, to inform, or to promote the company and whatever it is they offer, the fact of the matter is, they are online. This then begs the question, are you?

Businesses big and small these days try to make sure that they have an online presence and are actually focusing on improving this presence for many different reasons. Some companies actually sell their products online while others simply promote what they sell on their online portals, encouraging their customers to contact them for their needs. These sites also serve other purposes, such as giving people the information they need to make an educated decision regarding the services and/or products being offered.

When you say “online presence”, this does not necessarily mean that a company has a website that you can visit. Most large companies have a site that people can visit and check out, but some smaller companies opt for other forms of being online. The most common portal they use for this is Facebook, with Instagram and Twitter following behind.

The reason why some companies, particularly the smaller ones and start-ups that cater to a small, localized market, use only social media as their online presence is because these are not as cost heavy as having a website. Having a website, after all, will cost you a bit of money for the domain, hosting, web design, and other elements that need to be maintained regularly on it. With a social media presence, the company can simply assign a single person or two to take care of their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

The main reason why companies choose to have an online presence, whether it be a full-blown E-commerce website similar to Amazon or a simple Facebook page that informs clientele of services and such, is for them to remain relevant. These days, people turn more to the internet for many of their needs. More-often-than-not, the go-to portal of people who need quick information about or from these companies is no longer the phone but Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

Whether they are looking for a roofer or home renovation contractor, a hairdresser who does home service, a clothing retailer, or even a tutor for their child, going online and searching through the many online portals that people use to advertise their businesses  is what almost everyone does these days. When people buy a product and they need to find out how to properly use it, they usually go on the company’s Facebook page to ask about this concern or Tweet about their concern on Twitter. These portals are used to get an instantaneous response for what they need, without needing to actually talk to anyone.

People these days want quick solutions for everything they need and are getting used to the convenience that the internet offers them. Online shopping, getting troubleshooting instructions, scoring a rebate or refund, and even winning prizes from the companies that they patronize, are all now being done online. This is why more and more companies are focusing on doing better online, because people now go to the World Wide Web to find what they need, and not doing well online can spell lower revenues and even the demise of a company in the long run.  

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