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Why You Need an Expert to Handle Your Pay-Per-Click Ads

June 21, 2017

PPC ExpertCreating pay-per-click ads are not as difficult as some people perceive it to be. With a few tutorials and some careful study of how to word your ads, you can very easily put together a campaign for your website. As easy as it is to create these ads though, having them do what they are supposed to is an entirely different thing.

Creating ads and making effective ones are two different things, with one being the mere creation of the pay-per-click adverts that appear on SERPs, and the other being the formulation of ads in such a way that these generate the revenues that these are supposed to. This is where a novice ad maker and an expert one is determined.

This is also why a PPC expert is better than having someone in your company just learn how to make these ads and to run them for you. An expert can do a lot of things that a newbie cannot, and here are some of those things:

Get the right keywords for your ads – this is one of the most important parts of creating campaigns, finding the right keywords that will drive traffic to your site. Keyword research is not as easy as it sounds since it involves using multiple keyword tools to find the best ones for your campaigns and ads. Using the wrong keywords will make your advertising budget balloon, it will also be detrimental to your quest for revenues from these ads.

Track the performance of your ads – tracking your ad performance is crucial to the success of your campaigns, and is important in knowing which ads to continue as well as which ones you should tweak or discontinue. Tracking these ads is not an easy task since you will need Google Analytics to do this, and this is another skill that experts already have. In order for you to be able to expertly analyze your ads, you will need to study analytics, which is one of the more complicated skills to learn for PPC.

Know how to link the right ad with the right pages – sometimes people think that having their ads land on their home page is enough, and in reality, it is not. There are even times when having these ads land on any of your website’s pages is not enough. You may need to have landing pages made for your ads, and an expert can determine whether this is needed or not at any given time.

Maximize your ad budget through the right bids – since PPC depends on a bidding system that puts you above your competitors, you might think that the higher the bid, the higher you will be in the ad rankings. This is not necessarily true. Some ads that cost less per click actually appear higher on these search results and this is because these are optimized properly. These ads have a very high quality due to the URLs used, the ad copy, the keywords used, and even the set time for these to appear. You can have these ads bring in revenues without your having to spend an arm and a leg to do so. Expert can do this by tweaking and doing comparative testing as well as keyword research, among other things.

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