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WordPress Basics: How to Start a Website on WP

August 23, 2017

Starting a WP WebsiteSo you’ve decided to create a website using WordPress. Good for you! WordPress is one of the easiest to work with platforms when it comes to website creation, and for a good reason. They take into consideration that not everyone who wants a website actually know how to code or design one. WordPress helps you put up a site without you having to worry about alignment or where images go or what other features to add easily to your pages.

As easy as WP is to use however, some people still find it rather daunting to create a site from scratch using this portal. To help out, here are a few basic steps that you can follow in order to put together your website using WP:

Decide on whether to use a custom domain name or to have a WP subdomain URL – this is often the first thing you need to decide on when putting up your first website. You can choose to go with subdomain.wordpress.com for your first site, or you can purchase a custom domain name from WP for a minimal annual fee. You can also choose to go for a business account on WP, which allows you to more wiggle-room for optimization, access to premium themes, and more support.

Choose your hosting – there are many hosting companies for you to choose from, and many hosting options for you to choose from. There is shared hosting, VPS hosting, and managed WP hosting. If you are just testing the waters, you might want to go with shared hosting, particularly if you are not expecting that much traffic at the start. You will find there are many reasonably priced hosting packages out there from many trustworthy providers.

Install WordPress – next thing you will need to do is to install WP on your hosting account. If you are using one of the many hosting companies that are affiliated with WP, then you can simply look for the 1-click-installation button on the control panel of your hosting account. Most of these hosting control panels allow you to simply choose WordPress from a list of choices, and to simply click Install Now to enable you to use WP with your account.

Choose a Template or Theme – now that you have your domain name, hosting, and WP control panel, you can now start putting together your website. You will simply need to browse through the templates that are available to you on WordPress, and this is dependent on what kind of account you have on WP. If you have the premium or the business account, you have access to thousands of premium templates, apart from the 4k free templates that you can choose from.

Add and Edit Your Pages – now comes the fun part! You can now start adding pages to your site. You can start by clicking on the word “Pages” on your WP dashboard, and start creating your page. Once you are done with each page, simply click Publish to make your page go live. You can then edit this page anytime you want – add pictures, remove pictures, add links, add content – whatever you want, and simply press Update when you are done. Every time you want to add another page to your site, you simply need to click “Pages” and start editing.

Adding Categories – you can also add categories to your site. Want to add a news category? Simply click “Posts” and then to the sub-category on the dashboard that says “Categories”. You can create as many or as little categories as you want for your website and to add or remove these whenever you want.

Adding Content – now you can add content anytime you want. All you need to do is to click “Posts” and then choose the category, and start writing. You can add images by uploading these to your account and posting these on your pages. You can do a lot of things on your new WP site, and you can easily learn new things as you go since the platform is a very easy to use one.

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