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WordPress Templates: Go Free or Premium?

August 16, 2017

premium wordpress templatesOne of the main reasons why people choose to use WordPress over other CMS options is that it has quite a long list of free templates and plug-ins you can choose from. There is an estimated 4k free templates and themes on WordPress, and approximately 45k free plugins on this same platform. With so many free options, why should you consider going with a premium theme and premium plug-ins, right?

When it comes to the themes and templates that you can choose to use for your WordPress site, yes, there are quite a lot of options that are free for you to use. There are quite a number that are great to look at and have quite a bit of functionality in them. There are times however that people choose to use premium templates because of a number of very good reasons. Here are some of them:

Premium templates make your site look different – granted that a few other people will choose the same premium template as you, but since only a fair number choose to pay for their themes, you end up with only a small number of sites similar with yours as compared with the number that will end up using the same free template.

They offer more in terms of functionality – while free templates are indeed just as useful and effective as paid ones, it has been noted by many WordPress users that premium themes and templates come with advanced admin panels, better customization options, and advanced plugins.

You get better support for paid templates – the reason why some people choose to buy their site templates on WordPress instead of using the free ones is that they can get help from the developers of these templates easily in comparison with the free ones. You can ask the developers questions, learn a lot from forums that talk about these themes and the people that develop them, and basically get more help with them than you would with free themes.

More frequent updates – paid themes are well taken care of by their developers, and as such, have more updates than the free ones that you get from WP. These updates help iron out any bugs, improve usability, help with improved user experience, and even improve security. The main reason is because the developers have a responsibility to those who paid for these templates, whereas the free ones don’t necessarily have that kind of accountability on their backs.

Overall quality is better – the main reason why more people prefer the premium templates on WordPress over the free ones that are being offered on the same platform is because these are often way better than the ones that are being offered for free. The reason for such a high quality disparity is because in order for paid templates to make money for its developers, it needs to first capture the eye of the site owner and will also need to live up to the expectations of its buyers. This makes the developer try their best to meet such expectations and to first entice people to purchase their premium templates in the first place.

So, which should you go for when you are thinking of putting together a website for your company or business? Free templates are probably fine if you are not thinking of going big in the future, and if you are simply starting up. Going for premium templates is advisable if you are looking at growing your site and your business online in the near future. You can go for the free templates at the start and change to the better, premium ones when you are ready for the big time.

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