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Your Site’s Blogs: Should You Archive Old Posts or Leave Them As Is?

January 18, 2017

archiving content and blogsIf you are to scour the internet, you will notice that almost every website you visit has a blog, and this is for a very good reason. Most search engines nowadays, particularly Google, judges a site’s relevance based on a number of factors and fresh relevant content is one of them. In order for a site to be able to inject such content into their pages, a blog is considered the easiest one to make.

Of course, there are other ways to inject great content into your site, and these include the creation of news pages, which are somewhat similar to blogs, and resource pages. These can all be used to create new content for your website. What you might not be aware of is that with the constant addition of new content comes another problem, and that is the increased number of stale posts on your site.

Now these posts cannot really harm your website since the more people find these posts and read them, the more time they spend on your site. This does not mean however that you should not do your part in trying to keep your pages in proper order, and to do so, archiving is an option. Archiving not only helps you keep your pages from getting cluttered. It also helps your visitors an easy medium for finding topics that they need without having to dig through page after page of content.

An archive can be made using either categories or dates. These two are great for archiving because it helps not only you, but your readers as well, to find what they need from your stash of content pages easily. They can either remember the date or month of the post they like from your site, or they can remember the topic and category. When they need to go back to refresh their memory of what was written on your pages, they can simply find the old posts they like via the categories archive or by the month and year of publication.

You can also use tags as an archiving method, with common keywords being used across these topics as identifiers. These can also help your readers find what they need from your old content easily by simply remembering the theme or thought of the content they want to re-access. The use of tags can easily narrow down the searching field for readers since there are usually more options with tags than there are with categories and dates.

Reason to Archive

Some people do not see any reason to archive their content pages however, there are a few that you should actually take note of. One of these reasons is expired content. What exactly is expired content? These are those pages that are only ideal for a specific period in time, and these include job listings, special promos and news.

While these do not necessarily pose any threat to your site’s wellbeing, these do tend to clutter pages up since these are not as useful as information and evergreen content. This is why archiving should be encouraged and used, to help declutter and keep your site as easy to navigate through as possible.

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