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Your Website Needs the Right Content, Server, and Optimization

October 19, 2016

Not that many people know that a lot of work actually goes into the creation of a website, and the work involved goes beyond what most people understand. For starters, what you see on these sites, be it the paragraphs that you read, the pictures that you see, and even the words that you can find on the site’s tabs, are all there for a reason. These are also crafted in a very specific way, and this is to ensure that the site will do well.

When we say that a site will do well because of the work that is being done on it, this basically means that the website can be easily found by those who need it. Whether a person searching online is looking specifically for that site, or just needs an online company that can offer them what they are searching for, the content on the site should be able to do this. This is part of what optimization does, and every website can benefit from optimization.

What is Website Optimization?

Optimizing a websites involves quite a lot of things, and content is one of the key components for this. When you say content, the general impression is what you can find on the site, and you are partly correct in assuming this. Content however does not end with what you can see and read on a website. It also includes outside influences such as articles, social media exposure, and even clickable ads that lead people back to your website by way of links.

In short, the optimization of a website actually involves a lot of things, and these things require a lot of planning, testing, and application. Content used to not only give people information they need, but also to help make the site relevant and easy to find through search portals like Google, has to be written and crafted well and with some thought for optimization. The content that will make a site show up well in search engine results pages (SERPs) should not only provide the searcher with what they need, but will also make the search engine’s AI realize that the site is indeed suited to the words that the person typed into the search field.

To simplify, website optimization lets the search engine see that your website is perfect for the person doing the search. This is determined by a number of things, and this includes the words that are used in the content found on the site, the relevance of the external content (articles, press releases, images, social media mentions) with the site and the links that take people from these external content to your site.

Also important when it comes to optimizing a website is the speed of the pages. If your site has amazing content that is truly relevant to what people are looking for, but your pages open at a snail’s pace, the optimization will seem useless. People want to get things done fast online, and when you have a server as well as a site design that cannot give them the pages that they need quickly, all your optimization efforts will go to waste. This is why content, site speed (which you can improve with the right web hosting service and server), and design should work together.

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